Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Portland, OR

Saint George Portland, Oregon ⧫ Orthos and Divine Liturgy July 14, 2024. Live Video Stream begins at 8:50 AM.

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Text

Music for Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Live Stream Video from July 7, 2024

Upcoming Events and Spiritual Opportunities

St. George Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church Annual Middle East Festival on Sunday, August 25, 2024, Noon to 7p.m. Address: 2101 NE 162nd Ave, Portland, OR.

Internships for Young Adults June and/or July: Men ages 18-35 can apply now to live and work at The Monastery of Our Lady and St. Laurence in Colorado, even if they're not considering a monastic vocation. Starting this Friday, young men and women can apply for internships that will teach servant leadership in Alaska, Puerto Rico and Texas for the 2024-25 school year.

Orthodox Young Professionals Conference July 25-28: In Anaheim, Calif., attendees will have opportunities for spiritual growth, and build future friendships and lasting memories. Be one of the first fifty people to register and earn a discount!

Agia Sophia Academy's 2024-25 Enrollment is now open. Reach out to them for more information.

Below are Confession times and spiritual classes:

Confessions: Fr. Ed will be available at 8:30am to hear confessions on June 30th before Divine Liturgy.

Confessions: Fr. George is available for confession after Vespers on Saturday evenings or by appointment.

Catechism Classes after Saturday Vespers for those interested in the Orthodox Faith. Contact Dn. Steve for more info. 

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Holy Communion in the Body and Blood of Christ is only for members of the Orthodox Church who have prepared themselves by prayer, fasting, and periodic Confession. Everyone, however, is invited to partake of the blessed bread which will be offered at the end of the service and which may also be offered to you by one of your neighbors at Communion time as a sign of hospitality and blessing.

Friday Services, Paraklisis to the Theotokos starts at 6 PM.

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The paraklesis is a service of supplication specifically for the living addressed to the Theotokos, but may be used to seek the intercessions of any saint. The distinguishing feature of a paraklesis is the inclusion of a supplicatory canon to the saint whose intercessions are being requested. It is appropriate to be served at any time of need.

Saturday Vespers starts at 6pm.

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The service of vespers is the beginning of the liturgical day. The word comes from the Greek "hespera" meaning "evening." The service is chanted in Byzantine tones and includes the beautiful hymns, "O Gladsome Light," and the "Song of Saint Simeon." All are welcome.


Sunday Services, Orthros and Divine Liturgy. This is a combined service.

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Orthros (same as Matins Service) is our Sunday morning service that begins at 8:50am. The meaning of Orthros is "daybreak." The Gospel readings, and the liturgical spirit of Orthros reflects the joy of the Resurrection of Christ. Following the Othros service, the Divine Liturgy begins at 10am.

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Physical Address
2101 NE 162nd Ave, Portland, OR

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Our Mailing Address:
Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
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Portland, Oregon 97294


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Saint George is a parish of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

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